Canberra’s Top 5: A Mexican perspective

Posted 18 Aug 2018

Story by CBR Canberra

From a very young age, Ellie Rodriguez became obsessed with Australia, despite the fact that she lived in Mexico. The calling from the “Land Down Under” only became stronger as she got older, and in 2016 Ellie couldn’t keep herself away.

Leaving behind a perfect job, family and friends is never easy. But almost three years on, Ellie has made some “terrific friends” and landed herself a great job as a Multimedia Designer. Here are her top five reasons for why she now calls Canberra home:

1 Canberra colours. Canberra during spring and autumn is just stunning. I’ve enjoyed the colours so much that the first time my Mum came to visit I insisted she come in spring. Even though it can get really cold here I can’t complain because as cold as it gets the sunsets and sunrises are breath-taking!

2  Ice Hockey. In winter I love nothing more than attending the local ice-hockey games. Between the warmth of people and the adrenaline of the game, I stop feeling the cold completely and I’ve made so many great friends. Go Braves!

3  Vineyards. Canberra is full of delicious local wines. I’ve started visiting a few vineyards and I really enjoy them! The hardest part for me now is choosing which one to visit next!

4  Animal Diversity. Being in the bush capital allows me to be in contact with nature. In fact during my first couple of hours in Canberra, I got to see a mob of kangaroos! My partner and I also do a lot of bush walking, and we’ve had so many opportunities to see beautiful Australian animals. So far I’ve even seen platypuses, echidnas, and snakes!

5  Star Gazing. I’ve always been interested in astronomy but coming from a big city, I’ve never really been able to do it.  Here in Canberra it’s so easy because of the beautiful clear skies and observatories. I love going to Mt Stromlo Observatory and Canberra’s Deep Space Communications Complex, where there’s always plenty of fascinating activities, courses, talks and even a rock from the moon!

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