Canberra’s CSIRO wins Boeing supplier award for second year running

Posted 26 Apr 2018

Story by CBR Canberra

Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, has been named as aerospace giant Boeing’s technology supplier of the year for the second year in in a row.

This Canberra-based agency was one of only 13 winners out of nearly 13,000 suppliers from 57 countries. What makes it even more impressive, is the fact that the CSIRO was one of only four organisations outside the US to and the only one from Australia to be recognised by the Seattle company.

Boeing paid tribute to the CSIRO’s performance, saying it had been “instrumental in the introduction of new products to meet Boeing’s current and future business needs.”

It said its work had been pivotal in ensuring worker safety, supported advance production efficiency and delivered Boeing’s competitive advantage in the avionics business.

“They are among the best aerospace suppliers the world has to offer,” said Boeing’s Jenette Ramos.

The CSIRO describes its relationship with Boeing as one of its most enduring and productive.

Since 1989, the two organisations have collaborated on projects that have included software design, safety systems, cyber security and space science.

Earlier this year they announced a partnership on space technology research which could include collaboration on potential ground-based facilities, novel materials technology, as well as sensors and software.

The CSIRO and Boeing also recently announced joint investments in the Australian nanosatellite communications start-up Myriota.

“We greatly value our long and strong relationship with Boeing,” CSIRO Chief Executive Dr Larry Marshall said.

“We’re excited to be expanding our partnership into space, creating opportunities for not only new knowledge about our Universe, but new opportunities for humankind.”

Photo – © Copyright CSIRO Australia, (13 April 2017)

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