Canberra’s born and bred star, Miranda O’Hare, returns for the world premiere screening of INDIGO LAKE

Posted 12 Apr 2017

Story by CBR Canberra

When Miranda O’Hare was growing up in Canberra, little did she know she would one day fulfil her dream; acting in blockbusters and living amongst the madness of L.A.

Miranda’s rise to fame is just the latest example of the artistic talent emerging from Australia’s capital city, which flourishes with people from all types of creative industries.

Miranda has returned home to promote the world premiere of her latest work, INDIGO LAKE, alongside fellow Canberran Brian Cobb who produced the film.

The thriller film is a story of an artist and her brutal husband, exploring the deeper theme of what an artist must sacrifice to make ‘real’ art.Indigo lake

“I’m honestly so excited to be here and so grateful for the support people in the community of Canberra have already given our film. I hope they like it!” she says.

“It means a lot to Brian and I because we are both from Canberra and we talk about it all the time. It’s really amazing to be the lead in a film being shown in my hometown and to be able to come back and see family and friends,” she said.

For Miranda, she says it’s the stillness of the city that allowed her to grow her imagination, develop a passion for acting and kick-start her career.

“I loved my childhood in Canberra. The city felt safe and quiet, it’s where my imagination was able to grow,” Miranda said.

Canberra has some of the world’s best educational facilities and Miranda says it’s because of these institutions that she was able to build her foundations in acting.

“I studied theatre with The Canberra Youth Theatre and then I studied acting with Bobby Farquhar at The National Acting School when I was fifteen.

“After studying with Bobby I knew I wanted to pursue acting professionally,” she said.

Miranda graduated from The National Acting School and completed a Bachelor of Communications in Writing at the University of Technology in Sydney before she headed to the streets of L.A.


Living in Los Angeles is both chaotic and fantastic, however the Canberran in Miranda misses the large open spaces and tranquillity of home.

“I do love it here in L.A. and feel very lucky to be able to pursue my dreams in this city but I certainly miss home,” Miranda said.

“I miss the stillness of Canberra, it’s such a peaceful place.

“Throughout my career, the creative network in Canberra has never failed to support me. I made a web series in 2013 called ‘The Casuals’ and The City News in Canberra wrote a little piece about it straight away.

I am also still in touch with Bobby Farquhar my acting coach from The National Acting School.”

The community in Canberra empowers people to pursue their creativity with several creative spaces, meetups and workshops available.

Not to mention the huge number of exhibitions, art festivals, live performances, and shows on all year around, aspiring people to unleash their creative flare.

“There is a great film and creative community in Canberra and I hope it continues to thrive and grow,” Miranda said. “I think it’s important that kids living in Canberra are shown real examples of what a career in the arts means and that it can be a real prospect for them professionally if they want it and they work hard enough.

“There has been real growth in terms of film and television being shot in Canberra (The Code, Secret City, Joe Cinques Consolation) and this growth allows for locals to be hired as crew and cast.

“The presence of these productions shows the development of the creative industry in Canberra. You could go to any city or place in the world and find incredible artistic talent and I think Canberra has certainly demonstrated that by producing great actors over the years that have gone on to be very successful.”

The world premiere screening of INDIGO LAKE is at Dendy Canberra, April 23. The screening is followed by a Q&A series with stars Andrew Cutcliffee and Miranda O’Hare, director Martin Simpson and Producer Brian Cobb.

Tickets and details here. You can keep up with the film via

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