Canberra. It’s a dogs life.

Posted 13 Apr 2018

Story by CBR Canberra

Did you know Canberra has many popular hang-outs for socialising, sharing a drink of water, sniffing up some hairy hotty and, of course, checking your pee-mails…if you’re a pooch?

Canberra has a well-earned reputation for being family-friendly, and with that, we mean the entire family. So while it’s encouraged to take your dog for some well-deserved walks on a leash around the lakes or the neighbourhood, it’s great to know that there are some dog-friendly spots where they can run free and really let their fur down.

There are currently fenced dog parks at the following locations:

Belconnen, Lake Ginninderra

The Belconnen dog park has specific areas for small dogs and large dogs. There’s water on tap and with its grass areas, it offers great ablution facilities. Just remember to clean up after them.

Greenway, Lake Tuggeranong

With plenty of equipment and fresh water, it’s a great spot for, well, Spot, to find some company.

Yarralumla, Weston Park

With lots of trees, some grassy areas and one of the biggest enclosures for smaller dogs, it almost makes you jealous for not being a dog.

Forde, Ackman Drive

Lots of equipment, many furry friends, fresh water on tap and pretty close to the Woodland Sanctuary… perfect place to unleash your best friend.

Casey, Springbank Rise

This is another great place for dogs in the Gunghalin area. It’s very well used and so much more exciting than playing ‘fetch’ in your back garden.

O’Connor, Fairfax Street

If you’re looking for other humans that are happy talk all day about their adorable four-legged friends, this is the place to go. And your dog would love it too.

Weston Creek – coming soon!

According to the Canberra City Services website, Weston Creek’s dogs and owners can look forward to a new dog park, set to open May 2018. It will have two enclosures, seating, a water fountain and trees and shrubs.

If you have a duathlon pooch who loves getting their hair wet, you could take them for a swim in most of Canberra’s lakes or the Murrumbidgee River, as long as they’re not within 10 metres of a signposted public swimming area.

Visit here for info about park ‘petiquette’ and more information.

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