Canberra hip-hop artist KG inspires conversations about literacy and mental health

Posted 10 Apr 2019

Story by CBR Canberra

For South African born, Canberra hip-hop artist KG, his craft isn’t just about making music that pops, it is much larger than this immediate effect. With his inspired rhymes and impassioned delivery, KG is speaking up for those in his community who cannot.

KG uses his music to engage with struggling students and encourage them to further engage with language through lyrical music. “I feel like hip hop is a really cool tool to increase literacy and increase the love of language”.

KG also uses music as a tool for understanding and communicating mental health experiences within the Canberra community. “It’s really important for my mental health. It helps me express some things I have gone through in my life and give a voice to those people who can…relate to my story”.

An emerging voice encouraging positivity and progression on a personal level, on a societal level and on a musical tip, KG looks directly at a diversifying Australian music scene – that still has some ways to go in terms of embracing powerful young people with things to say.

KG’s connection with his African heritage and culture has always remained a strong one when it’s come to threading these influences through his music. His father, who was a freedom fighter alongside Nelson Mandela, passed down this sense of justice and drive in pushing for social equality and awareness of the issues that face young people in particular.

KG has been able to pursue his passion for music thanks to a grant from ArtsACT.

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