Canberra hair and makeup artists go global with Liz Bomben

Posted 23 Apr 2019

Story by Her Canberra

Canberra’s Liz Bomben, international celebrity makeup artist and creative director for Global Hair & Makeup (GHM), is all about “rewarding talent”. Founded in 2016, GHM brings about opportunities for up-and-coming and unknown hair and makeup artists by staging a platform for them on the global beauty scene.

Since its start-up, GHM has led Liz and her teams of artists around the world to events including fashion shows in Monaco, Singapore, and Mexico, and VIP events in Paris, Cannes, New York and Abu Dhabi.

Notably, Amber Lounge – whose patron is Prince Albert of Monaco – named GHM its Official Makeup Partner for fashion shows around the world. Known to feature the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, and Daniel Ricciardo on the runway, the Amber Lounge Fashion Show is renowned for featuring Formula 1 drivers alongside models, entertainers and celebrities.

Liz Bomben backstage in Mexico City.

Partnering with Amber Lounge has bolstered GHM’s position as an international company, allowing Liz to induct makeup artists through valuable, first-hand experiences on a global scale. May 2019 will bring new opportunities to the table for promising hair and makeup artists. Headed for the Festival du Cannes (Cannes Film Festival) in the French Riviera, Liz has hand-selected an all-Australian team to accompany her backstage.

“This team is about talent and passion; age is irrelevant, and this team is evidence of that, ranging from 18-56 years old,” she explains.

Global Hair & Makeup

In addition to two ladies from NSW and one each from Brisbane and Victoria, three of Canberra’s very own talents will be given the chance to showcase their abilities on the world beauty stage.

‘This is so exciting to be travelling with fellow Australians,” Liz says. “It’s an opportunity for me to mentor and [for] the ladies to trade skills, information, and also learn from each other.”

Liz goes on to stress the difficulty of infiltrating the beauty world as a newbie.

“I know how hard it was for me to get [invited to shows] and the effort it took. When you are a nobody, with no contacts or connections, it’s hard. Sadly, a lot of the time it’s who you know rather than talent-based.”

As a result, Liz is “grateful” to partners like Amber Lounge who have “embraced the philosophy” of GHM, which is to facilitate VIP opportunities for artists who “would not normally have access”.

Liz Bomben and Marcus Ericsson.

Liz and her Australian team – including the three Canberran artists – will travel to Monaco for Amber Lounge’s first show of 2019 after their Cannes Film Festival experience.

In September, GHM will take more new artists to Singapore, and later to Abu Dhabi in November.

Liz herself has been named as one of Wink Models Australia’s top MUAs, and her work for the Katrine.K show was hailed as one of the ‘Best Makeup’ productions at Paris Fashion Week.

She regularly travels to work with brides for destination weddings and has been involved with TV commercials and Bollywood movie, Salt Bridge. A-List celebrity clients include Kate Upton and Nina Agdal.

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