Canberra-based start-up helping students kick-start their careers

Posted 13 Oct 2017

Story by CBR Canberra

For many graduates, entering the workforce can often be a difficult and daunting task. Luckily, Canberra-based start-up, OK RDY, has devised a tool that makes the process from studying to full-time work a whole lot easier.

OK RDY’s app delivers a mentorship program, connecting students with working professionals in their desired industries, to provide guidance and assistance in preparation for entering the workforce.

OK RDY CEO and Founder, Timothy McKay, says the app gives students the opportunity to connect with industry mentors and receive valuable guidance to help pave their way through the corporate world.

“We want to ensure that people launching into a new career are kept abreast of the changes and trends that someone already at work would know inherently,” says Timothy.

Timothy McKay

Similar to a dating site, the OK RDY platform collects student details such as personal interests, career skills, causes they support, social passions and past experiences, and then matches them with a mentor that suits their characteristics to provide a meaningful connection.

The app also provides students with access to skilled volunteers who specialise in interest areas such as women in leadership and STEM education.

Timothy says the app allows students to build on their professional development, rather than simply mapping out a career pathway.

“It’s not about laying out a defined pathway for the mentee – it’s about helping them seize the opportunities and avoid some of the pitfalls an experienced eye can spot,” says Timothy.

OK RDY has received a wealth of support from the Canberra business community throughout their journey, including mentorship with InnovationACT’s 2017 entrepreneurial program, and membership with collaborative local start-up spaces CollabIT, CBRIN and Entry 29.

The OK RDY team at InnovationACT.

A pilot trial of the app is currently underway in Canberra and many organisations, including Telstra, the Australian National University (ANU), University of CanberraDigital Transformation Agency, ACT Government and IBM, have signed on as pilot and trial partners.

Timothy says having such notable businesses on board is a massive step forward, and is excited about working with Telstra, the ANU and other partners, who hold similar goals to OK RDY.

“We approached these companies because they share a common goal of improving employability, diversity and cultural outcomes through innovative practices, while also understanding the critical importance of developing a skilled pipeline of students,” says Timothy.

OK RDY are anticipating a public launch of the app in early 2018, and Timothy says the team are looking forward to working with the high calibre of partners to help grow the app’s potential.

“It’s been fantastic working with our pilot partners over the past months and we look forward to developing an ongoing relationship as we progress. Together, we hope to cultivate a network that supports the workforce of tomorrow,” says Timothy.

For more information on the OK RDY app, you can visit the website.

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