Canberra base a key factor in listed tech company’s success

Posted 21 May 2018

Story by CBR Canberra

A home base in Canberra has proved a crucial factor in the success of security and technology company Citadel Group.

From small beginnings in the ACT, the company is now the largest ASX-listed technology company to have its headquarters in the national capital.

It has more than 200 staff around the country and has grown quickly in recent years through business expansion and acquisitions.

The company’s Chief Executive Darren Stanley says having the company’s headquarters in Canberra is “logical”.

“Canberra is a really interesting place for us to be, and we value our connections with our clients that we have built here,” he said.

“The Federal Government is our largest client, and we need to be in constant dialogue with them, so it makes sense for us to be in Canberra.”

The Air Marshal program for Australia’s commercial airlines that was established after the 9/11 attacks in the US was the critical project that launched Citadel and set the path for its future development.

The company has since expanded to provide services in security and technology in the defence, education and now health sectors. It listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2014.

Citadel prides itself on its expertise in the development, delivery and management of secure enterprise-level information management solutions.

Mr Stanley says the company thrives in complex environments.

“It’s reassuring to our clients to know they can access experts and solutions that are Canberra born and bred,” he said.

“We are passionate about developing the amazing ICT talent we have here in Canberra, and bring together experts from Canberra and other Australian regions to innovate and develop our products and services.”

As well as giving Citadel ready access to its biggest clients, being in Canberra is also a well-connected hub from which to manage its expansion – building on recent acquisitions in the health sector and looking at further expansion in defence.

“We have opened offices across Australia, and recently in Adelaide to invest in the growing Defence capabilities in SA,” Mr Stanley said. “We will expand to locations based on where our clients need us to be.”

Citadel’s headquarters is in the High-Tech Precinct at Symonston. Mr Stanley says the location gives the company significant benefits for its operations and for its ability to support its clients.

“We wanted a secure location that suited our clients and our staff, and could accommodate our growing business,” he said. “We can easily reach our clients from here, and also vice-versa.

“We also work closely with Telstra to provide secure visual collaboration and communication solutions – they are located just across the road to us.

“Our office location means we can easily deploy expert support to sites when needed.”

Citadel has grown over recent years and now has 120 staff based in the ACT, with offices also in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.

Mr Stanley says the company prides itself on its network of subject matter experts – more than 1,000 people the company can call upon, many of them based locally in Canberra.

The company also works to support the Defence community through its engagement with organisations such as Soldier On and Canberra Legacy.

“We have provided free accredited training and placement support for approximately fifty wounded soldiers,” Mr Stanley said. “We’re currently a proud partner of Canberra Legacy, who provide support services to Defence Force families suffering financially and socially due to death, injury or serious illness as a result of their service.”

The company says it is committed to its clients in Canberra.  It says it expects to continue to grow its capabilities in the national capital, and to continue to support local businesses.


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