Canberra – a city of intrigue after dark

Posted 14 Feb 2017

Story by CBR Canberra

Canberra’s great quality of life is no secret, particularly when it comes to activities that get you into the great outdoors.

But while many outside activities are done during daylight hours, Canberra doesn’t disappoint when it comes to having fun outdoors after dark.

As the beautiful, mild weather of Autumn commences, here are three after-dark choices you won’t want to miss in March.


Twilight tours at Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary



We all know nature is good for the soul, but with busy schedules it can be hard to find the time in the day to get out and explore.

Luckily, Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary has you covered with their sunset Twilight tours.

On the Twilight tours, you will explore the sanctuary’s woodland plants and animals and learn about the beauty, species and ecological processes of Australia’s woodlands in the evening.

Twilight tours operate every Wednesday and Friday night and cost $49.50.

For more detailed information on the tours and events Mulligans Flat offers, please visit Mulligans Flat.


Tim the Yowie Man Canberra tours



If you’re interested in strange and hidden phenomena than you will enjoy ‘Tim the Yowie Man’ tours.

Tim has enjoyed a notable career as a mystery investigator and crypto naturalist and is an authority of paranormal and unusual phenomena in Australia.

Join Tim and his ghostly stories (if you’re brave enough) in one of his three Canberra tours, including; Weird Canberra ghost and history tour, National film and sound archive ghost tour, and the Secrets, spooks and spies (National Archives Tour).

These tours shine the spotlight onto the hidden and unknown in Australia’s national capital.

If you are up to visiting the darker side of Canberra’s past, please visit Tim the Yowie man for more information.


Enlighten 3-13 March 2017



Don’t miss seeing Canberra in a whole new light with the city’s most iconic buildings being transformed into vibrant arts precincts.

Over ten nights, the annual Enlighten festival lights up the night sky and many of the city’s national attractions open their doors to host an array of events.


There will also be performances from artists, live bands and musicians and an array of mouth-watering food.

Enlighten has a number of packages, some of them include; Neon Night and Dining the House, Sunset on the Roof & Luminous Botanicas, Sunset on the roof at the Australian Parliament House; and the Arboretum at Sunset at the National Arboretum.

Enlighten goes between the 3-12 March 2017, for the complete program details please go to Enlighten.

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