Selling Canberra to Candidates

There are plenty of ways to show your interstate or international job candidates why Canberra is an ideal place to live and work.

Our city has so much to offer someone moving here. It’s progressive, healthy and family-friendly, with one of the highest standards of living in Australia. In fact, Canberra was voted by the OECD as the most liveable city in the world in 2014.

Canberra at a glance

Reassure your job candidate that Canberra is a great place to live and work, especially if they love the outdoors and want more time in their day to spend doing the things they enjoy.

man jogging
Finding time to stay active and healthy is easy in Canberra

There’s more time to do what you love

Let your candidate know we have an easy, 30-minute commute to anywhere in the city, so there’s more time to enjoy life here.

Living in Canberra, you have the world’s culture on your doorstep:

  • top international travelling exhibitions in our national galleries and museums
  • a variety of annual festivals, including our famous Floriade, Enlighten and hot air balloon festivals
  • award-winning multicultural cuisines, local wines and beers
Admire permanent collections and limited-time exhibitions at the National Gallery of Australia and other national attractions

We’re an active city. Canberra is close to city, beaches and snow — it’s an easy trip to:

  • Sydney
  • the spectacular south coastline of New South Wales
  • the ski resorts in the Snowy Mountains

With these opportunities, and our 4 very distinct seasons, your candidate will have the best of all worlds.

A great place to learn

We welcome people with new ideas. Canberra’s population is the most educated in Australia, and we have several internationally-renowned universities and research institutes. Canberra has the highest bachelor’s degrees per capita in Australia. That’s why Canberra is a place for intellectual stimulation and interesting debate.

Our open-mindedness makes this city welcoming to people with diverse backgrounds, skills and interests.

If your candidate has school-age children, let them know about the quality of our education system. Our public and private schools perform highly in tests. There are great primary, secondary and tertiary education options for your candidate’s family.

Resilient economy

Businesses thrive here and the economy is strong. Out of all Australian cities, Canberra has the:

  • highest average income
  • highest jobs growth rate
  • lowest unemployment rate

A move here will be a secure choice for your candidate’s family.

Everything you need is close by

Your candidate won’t get stuck in traffic just getting to the shops. Canberra is laid out differently. We’re a planned city. Our suburban areas are known as ‘satellite’ towns, because they have everything your workers need. That includes medical centres and hospitals, schools, shops, workplaces and restaurants.

Live in a more sustainable way

If sustainability is important to your candidate, mention our environmental credentials. We’re the first city in mainland Australia to have a 100% renewable energy supply. We’ve attracted more than $2 billion in investment into sustainable energy. Moving to Canberra means being part of a greener future.

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