Making world firsts in cyber security

Cyber security experts are in a race against time.

The moment a new way to secure information emerges, hackers and hostile states look for a way to break it. Protecting our information relies on continuing advances in cyber security technology.

Fortunately, these advances are driven by a growing world-wide cyber security industry and one group of cyber security experts that leads the world is based right here in Canberra.

Canberra is the home of quantum safety

Vikram Sharma, CEO of Quintessence Labs (QLabs) is one local visionary doing big things.

His team has found a way to use quantum physics to create security so intricate, on such a large scale, they’ve become the first choice for government and large business protection.

‘It’s no news to anyone that the number of data breaches and attempts to steal sensitive information are rapidly escalating,’ Vikram Sharma says.

‘Billions of dollars are being spent all around the world to build quantum computers, because they will offer us incredible capabilities – solve all kinds of problems that we can’t today,’ Vikram says.

‘With quantum computers becoming a reality, we help organisations protect themselves against a quantum-enabled adversary. We help them be quantum safe.’

QuintessenceLabs is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in data security

Cyber under the surface

Like so much that’s great about Canberra, it’s all about knowing where to look. There’s a humming circuit of researchers and innovators alongside the biggest cyber clients – Australian Government and Defence.

It’s because of this ecosystem that world-class businesses like QLabs thrive in the ACT.

‘There are a few specific reasons to have QLabs in Canberra,’ Vikram says.

‘Our connections to the research community here locally is one. We are a deep tech company. Everything we do has never been done anywhere in the world before. Here is where we find the most highly skilled workforce.

‘Then the lifestyle that we can offer that workforce by being in Canberra is unparalleled.’

QLabs are doing things you can only do when you’re in the Canberra cyber ecosystem. That’s why they’re supporting the development of a Canberra Cyber Hub.

The Hub will strengthen the ecosystem, increase our skilled workforce and futureproof our cyber abilities.

Based in Canberra, servicing the world

The Hub will also support businesses like QLabs to keep raising the bar for security across the planet. QLabs already service 10 countries and will continue to grow.

But even with an office in Silicone Valley, Vikram chooses to stay in Canberra – where all the action is.

‘Canberra is a great powerhouse for innovation,’ Vikram says.

‘From day one, we realised cyber security knows no borders. It’s a global play.

‘We service USA and global customers, and manufacture from there. Where a product’s IP is developed here in Canberra, the building actually happens in Silicon valley. It’s usually the other way around!

‘But our headquarters is in Canberra. It gives us access to the customer base, partnerships with other organisations and academic institutions, and is the ideal location for us to grow the company.’

The Canberra Cyber Hub will keep making it possible for QLabs and others to work together and keep our country – or in this case, the world – safe from cyber threats.

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