Canberra Cyber Hub

The core of Australia’s cyber industry is right here in Canberra.

A thriving cyber security ecosystem

Canberra’s cyber security ecosystem is already one of our competitive advantages. And the Canberra Cyber Hub will cement that position.

Our region is an incubator for cyber security talent. The high concentration of jobs, education and research options in our connected community makes Canberra the best location to study and work in cyber.

And being home to the Australian Government puts us on the national cyber security frontline. Canberra is the place where top academics and researchers, government and industry professionals can collaborate to solve the big problems.

It’s this cyber ecosystem that makes Canberra the natural leader. The Canberra Cyber Hub will build on these strengths, showcase the sector as well as support strong networks, greater collaboration and partnerships.

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Canberra Cyber Hub purpose

The Canberra Cyber Hub is dedicated to working with industry and stakeholders to position Canberra as the destination to establish and build a career in cyber security, as well as highlighting the incredible talent, capability and innovative technologies and companies that are already here.

It is a hub that aims to connect Canberra’s cyber capabilities across all sectors, so they can work together to make Australia safer and grow our economy.

The Cyber Hub is being co-designed to have four key objectives:

  • Growing Canberra’s cyber security workforce and education pathways
  • Accelerating SMEs to grow connections and attract investment
  • Promoting the ACT’s research capabilities
  • Showcasing Canberra’s cyber security capabilities

The Canberra Cyber Security cluster report found that a co-owned, co-led and co-designed hub would harness Canberra’s unique position. It would grow the ACT’s share of the global market and create more jobs.

When cyber sectors are connected, they’re better placed to share knowledge and opportunities. They complement each other and work together to grow our economy and make our country safer. In Canberra it’s easy to come together and build these partnerships.

The Cyber Hub story

In April 2021, the ACT Government committed to create the Canberra Cyber Hub.

Dr. Michael Frater – former Rector of UNSW Canberra – is working with stakeholders to design the Cyber Hub and decide its functions.

  • April – Work commenced to establish the Hub
  • May – CBRIN Cyber Security Business Accelerator program launched
  • June onwards – Codesign the Hub with stakeholders and industry
  • August – Cyber Business Accelerator showcase
  • Late 2021 – Canberra Cyber Hub Education Portal launched
  • Late 2021 – Canberra Cyber Hub established

Why Canberra?

The key difference to other capitals is we have a central location people can get to easily. It’s that simple. Our CBD is accessible, so we keep that monthly networking appointment.

Mathew Wilson, Penten co-founderread more

Concentration of cyber security stakeholders

Canberra is home to the highest density of prime contractors, small to medium enterprises in cyber and Australian Government agencies. Collectively, the Australian Government is Australia’s second biggest cyber security buyer.

Established education and research capabilities

These highly-ranked universities and institutions based in Canberra have unmatched research capabilities:

  • Australian National University (ANU)
  • University of Canberra (UC)
  • University of New South Wales Canberra (UNSW Canberra)
  • Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT)

Skilled security-cleared workforce

We have the highest levels of security clearances among the most educated cyber workforce in the country. Other cities access our talented workers, who are cleared to access classified information and resources.

A networked business community

Because of our small city footprint, business, government, education and researchers have strong relationships. It’s a connected network of experts who work together to solve big problems.

Strong innovation ecosystem

The Canberra Innovation Network (CBRIN) connects businesses, universities and research institutions. They do this to drive innovation, growth and jobs in the industries of the future including cyber. Each year, CBRIN has more than 10,000 visitors and hosts more than 250 events for business innovators. CBRIN is delivering the first Cyber Security Business Accelerator program.

Geographical proximity

Cyber stakeholders, researchers, businesses and government departments are located close to each other in Canberra. This cyber ecosystem gives Canberrans a special advantage to network and collaborate.

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