Building CBR’s profile in Singapore through business and rugby

Posted 14 Jun 2017

Story by CBR Canberra

A host of Canberra businesses will be hopping on a direct flight from Canberra to Singapore next week, to continue building links with Singaporean industries ranging from defence and cyber security to art, film and design.

The Commissioner for International Engagement Brendan Smyth will be joining the ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr and delegates from Canberra businesses on the trip to Singapore, which will seamlessly align two of our city’s favourite things: business and rugby.


Commissioner for International Engagement Brendan Smyth and Chief Minister Andrew Barr. Photo via the Canberra Times.

The Chief Minister will take the ACT’s 2017/18 budget to Singapore, seeking investment in a range of initiatives and capital works projects before the delegation enjoys watching the Brumbies take on the Asian Dragons at Queenstown Stadium on Thursday 22 June.

“To have the Chief Minister and the Brumbies in Singapore at the same time is just an ideal circumstance in which to raise the profile of Canberra,” Brendan said.

“Trade missions like this are all part of Canberra’s vision to “be a world-renowned city of innovation, creativity and the arts, without losing our tag as the world’s most liveable city.

The Office of International Engagement, which Brendan heads up, is meeting the need for a more coordinated approach to Canberra’s international relations approach; to better support local businesses and attract foreign investment.

The list of cities knocking on Canberra’s door is growing.

“We know that other countries are interested in what Canberra does well,” Brendan said.

“We’ve got world class educational institutions, burgeoning defence and cyber security industries, Australia’s only space and spatial industries and opportunities associated with renewable energy.”

“We will take these attributes and sell them to the markets of Asia.”

Brendan noted the importance of the direct flights linking Canberra, Singapore and Wellington.

“We’ve now got this arc of innovation. Three very smart cities that produce a lot of intellectual property, start-up firms and incredible products.”

“We know that we are internationally competitive, we have good products and we know we can fill growing markets in the world,” Brendan said.

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