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The CBR brand is all about growing Canberra’s reputation as a fantastic place to live, work, study and do business.

In these CBR Resources pages you can find logos, images, videos and other resources to help you promote your business as well as Canberra.

There are many ways you can use CBR resources, from adding a logo on your website to using the images and videos in your marketing collateral, and tagging #wearecbr in your social media. Click on the Case Studies below to see how other businesses are adopting the brand and spreading the word about who our city is and what we have to offer.

Together WE ARE CBR.


Our city’s brand comes to life through our people, businesses, institutions and organisations using the brand in creative ways.

The Brumbies wearing the CBR brandmark

Canberra Day 2015

CBR case studies

CBR Business Partners share their stories.



Canberra has a record of invention, from wifi to Aerogard, from solar hot water to gene shears. The city has nurtured poets, philosophers and Nobel prize-winners and has the most highly educated population in Australia. No wonder we’re a thinking, entrepreneurial bunch.


Free Spirit

Embracing those ideas, we have the confidence to take them to the nation. We look to the future, not the past. And we actively pursue our dreams. Sportspeople and scientists, entertainers and educators, artists and entrepreneurs have drawn on their Canberra experiences to make an impact in the wider world.



We’re always exploring. We pay attention to the big issues in our nation and in the world and we look for imaginative ways to solve problems. We recognise our position as the political centre of the nation, but our engagement with social, ethical and practical challenges goes way beyond politics.



Canberra has the power to surprise people – with food and wine, with art and culture, with our heritage and with our warm welcome. In our great national institutions, people can explore our country’s past, present and future. As the home of the Australian story, Canberra can help people discover more about themselves.


Quality of Life

We’re open to the good things of life. Canberra has a higher percentage of active sportspeople than other Australian cities. We have a higher percentage of volunteers. Our natural surroundings, outdoor lifestyle and a supportive community help us find that important work/life balance.

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