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Posted 31 Dec 2016

Story by CBR Canberra


Canberra is home to some of the world’s leading cultural, scientific, historical and sporting institutions and facilities. The region is a hub for workshops that take a leading role in finding solutions to both local and global challenges.

November to December 2016 is no different, with an array of enlightening short courses and talks set to get the city talking.

These workshops cover off on an impressive range of disciplines. With some focusing on professional development, others instead will tackle some of the key issues in today’s society. there is something to spark the interest of every individual.

Here are some of the best short courses and talks coming up in the next two months.

Design Canberra – Keynote Talk: Giovanna Massoni and Karina Harris & Neil Hobbs

When? 18th November 2016

Where? Vibe Hotel, 1 Rogan Street, Canberra

As a part of the 2016 Design Canberra Festival hear Giovanna Massoni and Karina Harris & Neil Hobbs give a keynote talk.

One of Giovanna Massoni’s areas of interest is the continuities of design through iterations over time. With its references to the design ideas of Canberra architects Walter and Marion Griffin, Vibe Hotel at Canberra Airport is a showpiece for the evolution of a design vernacular.

Karina Harris and Neil Hobbs are two of Canberra’s best loved and respected designers. As directors of Harris Hobbs Landscape Architecture they will just have presented the Contour 556 festival: eploring the landscape created by the man-made lake in the designed capital.

Mental Health Essentials

When? 23rd November 2016

Where? Canberra Institute of Technology, Constitution Av opp Reid CIT, Reid, Canberra

Mental Health Essentials in Canberra is an introductory workshop designed to educate supervisors and staff on the fundamentals of mental illness. Statistics are that 1 in 5 adult Australians suffer from a mental illness, often as a result of chronic stress, and this will impact their work. It’s been estimated that the annual cost to a company of an employee with untreated depression is $9,660.

This 1 day Mental Health Essentials workshop advises how to comply with your legislative obligations by informing staff and supervisors about the issue of mental illness in the workplace, what signs to look for, and how to respond in a mental health emergency at workplace.

Maths Fest 2016 – AustMS meeting 2016

When? 5th-8th December 2016

Where? The Australian National University, Acton, Canberra

The 60th annual meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society will feature an impressive list of both international and domestic speakers and will be hosted by the Mathematical Sciences Institute at the Australian National University.  

Public Sector Legal Officers’ Intensive 2016

When? 5th-7th December 2016

Where? Cliftons Canberra, 10 Moore Street, Canberra, City, Canberra

This Public Sector Legal Officers’ Intensive event will explore several key themes. This includes developing strong leadership skills and capabilities as a Government lawyer and understanding the current evolving Public Sector Landscape and its implications for Public Sector legal practitioners

Moreover, the workshop will also focus on breaking down ambiguity and mastering the concepts for effective statutory interpretation and learning best practices for alternative dispute resolution. Others areas discussed will pertain to applying dispute resolution and negotiation theories into practice in the Public Sector context.

8th National Public Sector Women in Leadership Summit 2016

When? 5th-8th December 2016

Where? Hyatt Hotel, 120 Commonwealth Avenue, Yarralumla, Canberra

As the strive for government to become more efficient, leaner and more responsive redefines the scope and reach of roles across the Australian Public Sector, the leaders of today and tomorrow must be prepared to challenge the traditional structures and embody these new opportunities. Next-level leadership calls for ambition, resolve and an innovation mindset, ready to rethink the picture and re-imagine success.

The Women in Leadership Summit involves some of the most influential and inspirational senior women leaders to reflect on the call for innovation in the Public Sector, and the crucial ingredients to successfully step up as a leader in the Australian Public Sector today.:

Public Sector Financial Modelling Workshop

When? 7th-8th December 2016

Where? Cliftons Canberra, 10 Moore Street, Canberra, City, Canberra

The Public Sector Financial Modelling Workshop provides important insights into improving current methods on financial modelling. Attendees will be equipped with the practical tools and skills to create a clear and comprehensive model that can be easily interpreted and manipulated.

The event will discuss both how to explore tools to obtain critical data for financial modelling and how to gain the analytical skills needed to interpret complex or big data. The workshop will also address the common challenges associated with modelling in the Public Sector and the key variables and their impact upon model outcomes. Also noted in the event will be methods to optimise dashboards to ensure the model outcomes are clearly presented to senior management.


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