BentSpoke takes out Gold and Silver at the Oscars of international beer!

Posted 15 Mar 2017

Story by Riot ACT

Overnight the Oscars of the Brewing Industry, the International Brewing Awards, announced their results for 2017.

Canberra’s BentSpoke Brewing was astonished to see their two canned beers, Barley Griffin and Crankshaft, deliver gold and silver medals in their categories.

In the International Smallpack Ale Competition the winning, gold medal beer in Class 1 for Ale 2.9% – 4.4% ABV, was the Barley Griffin Pale Ale. Also in the International Smallpack Ale Competition the second place silver medal in Class 4 for Ale 5.5% – 6.9% ABV went to the Crankshaft IPA.

First run in 1888 the awards, which are only conferred every two years, are “a recognition by fellow professional brewers that a beer is an outstanding commercial example of its style” according to the awards website.

BentSpoke co-owner and head brewer Richard Watkins was thrilled by the result.

“The International Brewing Awards are one of the longest running and biggest beer awards in the world,” Watkins said. “With over 1000 beers in the competition, we are ecstatic to see our beers do so well.”

“It is an honour to win medals at these awards and a real credit to whole team here at BentSpoke for their commitment to quality.”

The full 2017 results are available online at:

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