Art, Not Apart about to CLIMAX

Posted 15 Mar 2018

Story by CBR Canberra

What does climate change sound like? How sick can our planet make one person? What would you be like after gene therapy?

Fuelled by a partnership with the Australian Academy of Science’s Shine Dome – a Canberra landmark since 1959 – a large part of the 2018 Art, Not Apart program will explore the human impact of scientific advances under this year’s theme Climax.

From the Canberra Symphony Orchestra performing music that charts the last 100 years of climate change using actual scientific data, to a website that allows you to view what would happen if you were to undergo genetic modification, each artist has been chosen for how their works speak to the “intensity of today’s world”.

One of the most notable of these is The Mermaid by Hanna Cormick – a disabled performer with a myriad of genetic diseases. Needing a wheelchair, braces, a respirator mask and oxygen tank, she will risk her health by performing in public, to demonstrate that it is not she who is sick, but ultimately our planet.

Aside from these more thought provoking works, there will be plenty of fun experiences for all ages with three music stages, immersive performances, multiple exhibitions, wild interventions and more.

Watch as street artists transform the stone wall along Edinburgh Avenue into “The Artery”. Immerse yourself in a SAFIA produced virtual reality experience. Enjoy food and drink from National award-winning Bar Rochford. Grab the kids to participate in workshops and join in the family dance party. And find yourself some treasures at the ever popular Suitcase Rummage.

After dark the fun continues with two after-parties. Sound and Fury will ignite NFSA with music, theatre, dance, spoken word and song, in a spectacular party format. For those that want to see the sun rise, tech-yes is a warehouse party presenting the best of electronic culture in Canberra, featuring world-class music and projections. Tickets to both events are a must.

Aside from ticketed events, the Art not Apart program is free and held between 1-7pm on Saturday 17.

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