All along Aranda

Posted 22 Jun 2018

Story by CBR Canberra

Situated at the foothills of Black Mountain, Aranda is a beautiful, bushy suburb with quite a bit of wildlife. The name ‘Aranda’ is derived Arunta – the name given by the Aboriginal Arrernte Tribe of Central Australia to the white cockatoo. But it’s not just the name that has this suburb soaring.

A cidery on the side

3 Sons Cider is a family owned and operated cidery in the heart of Aranda. The family produces their traditional English and French style ciders by hand using freshly picked apples. You can get a taste of 3 Sons Cider at The Bolt Bar, Cook IGA, Plonk and Hop and Vine.

Single storey with many stories

Aranda shops along Banjalong Rd was designed in the sixties by a Dutch-born architect called Dirk Bolt. Due to the shops being next to a school, Bolt was not allowed to build a two-storey building. Recently, the shops were brought back to life Two Before Ten, a café and roastery. Its industrial-chic vibe and large communal areas revitalised Aranda locals’ beloved shops. Joining Two Before Ten at the shops are three other businesses with a similar vibe. They are The Bolt Bar, Meet Gather Collect, a niche concept furniture and accessory store, and Illeso, a yoga, Pilates, dance and massage studio.

Nature around Aranda

100 hectares of eucalypt forest and woodlands graces the south-eastern side of Aranda. To the east, you’ll find the magnificent Black Mountain Reserve and to the west, the Pinnacle Nature Reserve. The very south is home to the historic Aranda Snow Gums Heritage Site, the most cold-tolerant eucalyptus trees in Australia. These trees hold extreme ecological importance as they existed in the area since the last ice-age. (Which probably means they’ll do pretty fine in Canberra’s infamous winters too).

Aranda’s most FAB group

The Friends of Aranda Bushland (FoAB) meets every month in the Aranda Bushland. The aim of this group is to promote their natural bushland environment and the adjoining bushland areas. Apart from the beautiful eucalyptus trees, rich flora and dams, the group has also found many species of birds, frogs, reptiles and kangaroos that reside within the bushland and forest.

Image supplied by Two before Ten.

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