Posted 2 Jan 2017

Story by Canberra Create Your Future

Canberra is home to thousands of students from around Australia and the world. Depending on your personal taste, budget, location and the length of your stay there are a number of accommodation options:


Many students choose to live off campus in a unit, townhouse or a house and will usually share the costs with other students. You will often find advertisements for rooms within share accommodation on university noticeboards and online. If you have the budget you may wish to rent your own place. Keep in mind that accommodation in Canberra can be competitive, particularly at the beginning of each university semester, with a vacancy rate of around 2 per cent across the city. So start your search for accommodation early to avoid disappointment.


Most of the educational institutions in Canberra provide student housing on or off campus, with a range of private providers also specialising in student accommodation.

The Australian National University guarantees on campus accommodation for first year undergraduate students who are moving to Canberra from outside the local region. By living on campus you can fully immerse yourself in the academic and social aspects of student life with the convenience of being close to the classrooms to reduce travel costs and time.


Some Australian families offer accommodation and sometimes food within their home, giving you the opportunity to experience the local culture and way of life.


Providing budget food and accommodation, hostels can be a good option for students who are in Canberra for a short-term course.

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