A Rainbow Roundabout in Braddon

Posted 23 Nov 2017

Story by Her Canberra

A giant rainbow roundabout declares just how supportive the ACT is of love – with the city returning the highest proportion of “Yes” voters in last week’s plebiscite at about 74 percent.

With lightning speed, the ACT Government tasked its City Renewal Authority to oversee a brighter Braddon – and after a bit of rain, work got underway on Wednesday for a giant permanent symbol.

While the markings were carried out by professional painters, the colourful bits were happily painted in by volunteers from the LGBTIQ community.

Chair of the Office for LGBTIQ Affairs Anne-Marie Delahunt said it was a wonderful symbol which would mean a lot to many.

“The last week has been a victory for human rights and overcoming discrimination.”

“I think it is going to be received very positively as a symbol of inclusion. The rainbow colours we see around us on buses and flags are message to the LGBTIQ community that says ‘Yes! You live here!’”

“And if you are having a rotten day – like I was last week – and you pull up to the bus or walk over this rainbow, you really do suddenly feel better.”

The Rainbow roundabout complements another rainbow mural which has been completed in Garema Place.

City Renewal Authority Chief Executive Malcolm Snow said the Braddon installation was sure to become a focal and talking point.

“Frankly we couldn’t think of a more perfect place to express something that is important to the ACT Government and to the broader Canberra community. We are a city that prides itself on diversity and inclusivity and creativity – so all of those things are embodied in this statement that we are making on this roundabout.”

“And it is so much better than plain concrete.”

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