A Civic bar will be Australia’s first Augmented Reality venue

Posted 5 Sep 2017

Story by Her Canberra


This Friday 8 September, Canberra’s own video gaming bar, ‘Reload Bar and Games’, will become Australia’s first augmented reality (AR) enabled hospitality venue.

reload bar

Tucked into the Sydney building facing Northbourne Avenue, Reload Bar‘s launch event will offer patrons hands on AR demonstrations featuring Microsoft Hololens and mobile AR.

The world was introduced to “augmented reality” – the blending of the virtual and physical worlds – through Pokemon Go which allowed players to chase on-screen monsters at real-world landmarks in last year’s gaming sensation. However, AR has make large steps forward since then.

Areas such as Urban Exploration, Safety and Rescue operations, Entertainment and Shopping experiences are set to be revolutionised in the next few years.

Local development company Reload Labs has created an application that converts real world surfaces inside Reload Bar into 2D video, 3D holographic animations, retro gaming challenges and secret free product promotions. It is the first implementation of this new generation of AR technology into a hospitality business.

“It’s a broad term that refers to basically any technology that adds a layer to your real world,” says Ravi Sharma of Reload Labs, who is excited by the potential of AR.

“That’s a big advantage over something like virtual reality – as it doesn’t require the user to wear a headset that removes them from their current world. You can use AR and remain in a conversation or be on the go. It will also be fantastic for physical businesses as it’s essentially a location based technology.”

Want to find out more? The launch event starts at 8pm on Friday 8 September, is free to attend but restricted to 18+ patrons.

Feature image: Tim Bean Photography

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