5 tips for staying warm at Canberra sporting matches

Posted 24 Jul 2019

Story by Visit Canberra

Chances are, if you’re heading out to support your team, you’re going to be met with eyebrow raises and an empathetic shiver.

But don’t let the cold keep you from experiencing the thrill of sporting victory! Here are our tips for staying warm at the next match, game or comp, if cheering on your sports team doesn’t get you fired up enough.

1. Rug up

Layer, layer, layer. You can’t overdo it, so show your support by layering your beanie, scarf, jersey and socks in your team’s colours. (Literal) hot fashion tip: Buy smart and get your team’s jersey in a size that will fit a shirt and jumper underneath.

2. Add some spice to your life

Warm food equals warm bodies – it’s science. Fuel your furnace with a great bite to eat – if it’s pub grub you’re after, we’ve got a suggestion or two this way. To find a café, restaurant, bar or pub by precinct, we’ve pulled together a bit of a list over here. No matter where you’re staying, there’s an option for you.

3. Get your groove on

We’re big advocates for having a boogie during half time. Get the blood circulating through your extremities and bust out your finest water sprinkler, lawn mower and moon walk. Who knows, you might just make it to the big screen!

4. Cool down

After you’ve warmed up at the game, cool down and debrief on all the plays and moves at the nearest watering hole. If you’re at GIO Stadium, neighbouring bars in Bruce such as the Lighthouse will be brimming with good vibes. The Kingston Hotel, right by UNSW Canberra Oval, has seen many a post-AFL match drink and offers a great wet weather option should things get soggy at three-quarter time. Or drink where the Brumbies do, at The Dock in Kingston.

5. Stay close to the venue

It might sound obvious, but the most obvious tips often bear repeating. Choose your accommodation based on the ease of getting to-and-from the game. Staying in the city, only a short bus, Uber or taxi ride away from most sporting venues, means you’ll have more time to be inside before braving the elements and enjoying the game. Start with Accor, partners of the AFL and NRL competitions, who offer standard deals in Canberra from $107 at their properties.


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