5 reasons you can’t miss the balloon spectacular

Posted 7 Mar 2017

Story by CBR Canberra

The Canberra Balloon Spectacular is one of the many highlights that make up the CBR 31 Days events calendar.

Canberrans and visitors alike flock to catch a glimpse of the spectacular sight of more than 40 hot air balloons floating over the capital at dawn.

The nine-day event runs from Saturday 11 – 19 March, with pilots blowing their balloons up on the lawns of Old Parliament House from 6.15am each day before ascending into the beautiful Canberra sky.

The view 

It’s not every day you get to wake up to a sky full of hot air balloons floating over your capital city. So, set your alarm a little bit early and enjoy the mesmerising view! Don’t believe us? Here’s what early-risers have been treated to in previous years….

angry bird

balloon 1

Balloon Flights

Passengers are welcome to experience the thrill of hot air ballooning over the gorgeous Canberra sunrise. This once in a lifetime experience will leave you with unforgettable memories to share with family and friends.













Book your own flights and experience the Canberra balloon spectacular excitement yourself through Balloons Aloft or Dawn Drifters.

Surprisingly shaped balloons

Each year it is the extraordinary special shaped balloons that capture people’s imaginations. These balloons come from all over the globe, previously there has been the famous Skywhale, Yoda, and Angry Bird.













This year, keep your eyes to the skies to see if you can spot a smurf and a hummingbird flying in Australian skies for the first time. The kids will be in their element guessing what favourite character will be in the air next!

Live music and delicious hot breakfast

There is plenty of live entertainment and delicious food available whilst you’re enjoying the balloons slowly drift over the Canberra landscape.

A live music performance will be on every day and the Belconnen Lions Club will be sure to keep you warm with their hot breakfast, while hot beverages and Dutch pancakes will be served each morning too.

Get that winning photo

We all love a good photo. Ginormous balloons of colour and familiar figures set against the backdrop of a magnificent Canberra sunrise are bound to be a talking point among your Instagram followers. We’d love to join in – be sure to tag your amazing images with #WeAreCBR.

angry 2












If the sheer size of the balloons isn’t enough to blow you away, rest assured that the excitement of the fires starting up and the balloons ascending in to the sky makes for a truly spectacular Canberra morning.

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