4 out of this world discoveries by ANU

Posted 12 Jul 2019

Story by Australian National University

ANU has a rich involvement in space exploration and research.

From researching ways humans can colonise mars to launching new laster technology for satellites into space, ANU are pushing the boundaries of space exploration. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, which Canberra’s Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station helped broadcast to the world, ANU are sharing their findings with you.

Learn about their out-of-this-world discoveries below or immerse yourself in events that capture the imagination and explore your understanding of the universe at Canberra Moon Week (17-21 July).

New weapon in battle against space junk

It may sound futuristic, but researchers from The Australian National University and Tohoku University in Japan have found a new way of dealing with space junk and it involves a new type of satellite powered by superheated gas. Find out more about this amazingly effective discovery.

Helping humans colonise Mars and hunt for alien life

Scientists at ANU have contributed to an international study that will potentially help humans to colonise Mars and find life on other planets. Find out how and when this mission might occur.

ANU laser technology for satellites launched into space

ANU scientists have helped design new satellite instruments that are part of a joint NASA and German mission launched into space today to study changes in water levels on Earth and other aspects of climate change. Find out more about this out-of-this-world project.

Scientists detect biggest known black-hole collision

An international team of scientists, including representatives from ANU,  have detected ripples in space and time, known as gravitational waves, from the biggest known black-hole collision that formed a new black hole about 80 times larger than the Sun – and from another three black-hole mergers. Find out more about this larger-than-life discovery.

The above discoveries are just a handful of breakthroughs ANU has made in the space research area. Learn about more collaborations and research findings.

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