2018’s most Insta-worthy moments #WeAreCBR

Posted 12 Dec 2018

Story by CBR Canberra

We love that our #WeAreCBR community is full of talented photographers that capture memorable moments each year.

Here are just a few of our favourite ‘grams from the last 12 months.

Memorable moments

It would seem that word’s gotten out that Canberra was Lonely Planet’s third best city to visit in 2018. From celebrity appearances with the Queer Eye boys hitting up The Cupping Room, through to a platypus touring Lake Burley Griffin.

Adorable animals

Warning: cuteness overload ahead. We defy anyone to not find these ‘grams absolutely adorable. The animals definitely steal the show but if you look in the background of these pics you’ll see quintessential Canberra scenes.

Natural beauty

Did you know that 78% of Canberra is nature parks? With so much to explore it’s not surprising that our Insta fans need to cool off with a cold one from Capital Brewing Co or a swim at the top of their hikes.

Colourful scenes

Haven’t you heard, colourful is the new black? These colourful scenes warm our hearts and souls as they showcase community events and Canberra icons that we all know and love.

Foodie fun

Canberra’s foodie scene continues to grow in 2018, tantalising our tastebuds with even more insta-worthy food. Our biggest challenge is controlling our appetites long enough to snap a photo before we chow down on these delicious dishes.

Tonal Inspiration

There’s something magical about a well-curated feed – these ‘grams have an autumnal vibe but actually only one was snapped in autumn. The other two are spring and summer scenes. Can you tell which one is which?

Flower Power

Floriade retains its accolade as the most Instagrammed event of the year in Canberra – even our youngest residents are trying their hand at photography at this photogenic event.

To have your pictures featured in 2019 use our hashtag #WeAreCBR. We can’t wait to see what memories our Canberra community makes in the year ahead.

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